Baby its Cold Outside… Delicious Hot Cocktails in Breckenridge to Warm You Up!

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Wouldn’t you think that in a frigid mountain town, such as Breckenridge, that boozy hot drinks would literally be the hottest commodity at any bar? Well, before setting out on my pursuit to find delectable, steamy beverages around town I asked some of my buddies for their opinion on their favorite boozy hot drinks in Breckenridge. Honestly, there was not really an amped up answer for a good boozy hot drink in town. Thus, I set out on a miniature quest to introduce my taste buds to some boozy, hot drinks in Breck!

I will first start by saying that hot, alcoholic beverages should not be left behind when deciding on a tasteful drink at the bar. The one’s I tried on my mission to find some of the top hot drinks in town heated up my fingers, sweetened my soul, intimately relaxed my belly, aroused my taste buds… okay, okay this is not going to be a 50 shades of Breckenridge segment, but they were all pretty darn delicious. Here are the must try hot, boozy beverages around town.

Robbies Tavern

The Mad Monk

Ladies and gents, the best way to describe The Mad Monk is similar to a peppermint mocha, but 10 billion times better! First, the display of the beverage already reals you in with excitement. The Robbies Tavern mug is large and sturdy. The whipped cream swirled on top with peppermint chunks looks like Christmas morning and the view from Robbies deck is unbeatable. So, of course you would already have the warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly before you even dive into the beverage! The aroma of roasted coffee hits your nostrils, the Frangelico adds hints of hazelnut flavors to the chocolaty pallet, and the peppermint freshens up the mouth at the very end of each sip. It is really a mad experience.

Photo by: Ellie Hartman/BreckInsider

Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant


I must say that Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant really knows how to mix up a slammin’ cocktail. Billie Keithley who is Breckenridge Distillery’s main mixologist is incredible at what she does. Combining flavors that provoke happiness in every sip. The Bit-O-Nilla is displayed satisfactorily in a tall, slender glass mug. The orange rind on the top adds a sophisticated look to the craft cocktail. This “Warm-up” beverage is created from the Breckenridge Bitters they distill in house. Mixed in with the bitters is a vanilla bean cider. The combination of these different ingredients smells tangy at first from the orange rind placed on top, but as you sip it, it tastes like a swirl of vanilla and apples gently dancing together. The citrus still lingers as your taste buds get a zap of the Breckenridge Bitters. Truly, this blend of flavors is so attractively put together that it needs to be tried!

Photo by: Ellie Hartman/BreckInsider

South Ridge Seafood Bar and Grill

Spanish Coffee

As the bartender at South Ridge Seafood lights the glass on fire, the excitement heightens for this lovely coffee beverage. The coffee aroma is a defining factor to this hot drink. The coffee smell grasped me, as coffee is one of my favorite things placed on this earth. As you ingest the beverage you first get the sweetness of the melted sugar on the rim of the glass. Then the warm spices bring a variety of tastes to your pallet. The addition of Kahlua and triple sec provides just the right sweetness to the coffee making it a hot cocktail that needs to be enjoyed.

Photo by: Ellie Hartman/BreckInsider

Little Bar and Grilled

Hotty Toddy

Little Bar and Grilled is a brand-new addition to the Breckenridge restaurant fleet! This cozy spot has a modern meets rustic vibe. Here they specialize in mainly delicious iced, craft cocktails, but as I asked for a hot cocktail they created a Hotty Toddy that had a traditional, unique spin. It came out in a white ceramic mug, with a tinted honey, Earl Grey tea bag from Bigelow steaming inside it. On the small plate next to the drink had a shot of whiskey that the server advised me to pour in after the tea had steeped. This hot beverage reminded me of something I would drink if I wanted to feel good when I was sick. It had positive attributes that soothed the stomach and warmed up the soul.

Photo by: Ellie Hartman/BreckInsider

The Crown

Breckenridge Coffee

This coffee is truly one that is good at any time of the day! Breckenridge locals wake up to this boozy drink to get their day kick started in the best direction! The Crown has created a slew of delectable cocktails, especially hot ones. This coffee cocktail has a coffee liqueur in it that is extremely tasty. Then for more of a kick, the barista adds a hazelnut liqueur and an Irish Cream liqueur all poured over an americano espresso shot. As I said before, coffee is one of the best things on this earth, thus this mixture is one of my favorites. Happy Hour begins at The Crown at 3pm (mention “Happy Hour” when ordering), so head on in to get an afternoon boost!

Photo by: The Crown

I recently mentioned another favorite hot drink in a post covering the 2019 Snow Sculptures, and it deservs mentioning again. The Irish Coffee from Après Handcrafted Libations is a hot and energetic beverage, made with homemade Irish Cream, that will perk you right up for all fun you’re about to have in Breck. Plus, they have an extensive menu of more hot drinks to keep you warm and feeling great.


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