Rockin’ Out in the Rockies: The Local Bands of Breckenridge

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Slammin’ Live Bands that are sending it and developing a name for themselves out of Summit County!

Live music… one of the many exciting aspects that brings our little community in Breckenridge together! Our lively town continues to shine its creativity and build up its music scene with excellent live bands. There are a plethora of bands that have come together in Summit County and have continued to strive in their musical endeavors! Through my strong opinion, I would advise you to put at least one of these bands on your radar for a rockin’ night of free live music in Breck!

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Dog City Disco

Dog City Disco is a funk band that combines every genre of music and loves to get everyone groovin’ on the dance floor! These boys always bring awesome vibes to any venue they play at and genuinely love to have a great time. The band first came together as young kids in Summit County. They all grew up as best friends learning and playing instruments together. Dog City Disco became passionate about creating a band when they “were ranked number one in the world in the popular video game ‘Rock Band’” DCD stated, “after getting ranked number one we decided that it was our life’s calling to create a band.” Shortly after, the guys all started to learn rock instruments, although they had never played rock instruments prior to that.

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They will be playing at The Historic Brown on April 13th!

It will be a local show you do not want to miss!

Photo credit: Jack Herman of Dog City Disco at The Historic Brown

The O’Connor Brothers

Matt and Sean O’Connor are a very musically talented set of twins. They have been playing together since a young age in Summit County. Matt shared with me that he has “always been inspired to continue playing and creating music through his brother, Sean. Sean always pushed me creatively and by just being around one another he pushed me to work harder and get better.” Also, they both feel very fortunate to grow up in a community that had an excellent bunch of music teachers. The teachers in Summit High School, Mark Clark, Erik Johnson, and John Hermanson taught the two boys more each day and gave them the tools and confidence to pursue musical education in university and beyond.

Click here for The O’Connor Brothers’ Schedule!

They will be playing at HighSide Brewing Company on April 12th!

Do not miss the local show!

Photo Credit: The O’Connors Band

Meadow Mountain

Meadow Mountain is a jammin’ bluegrass band that shreds the stage with Colorado Native talent. Ian Parker is a long time local from Summit County that has joined the band in hopes of bringing the inspiration they gain every day from the mountains and sharing it through their instruments. The entire band finds their passion for music through, “the mountains and mountain communities.” Ian shared with me that, “the entire band is living in Denver now and whenever we have the chance to get out of the city we do! The mountains have shaped a lot of our music and our first pseudo tour was a mountain tour in Colorado.” Ian Parker stated that “having the experience of Summit High School gave me the ability to join literally every instrumental ensemble, which was a catalyst for my musical pursuits.”  Personally, I ski raced with Ian Parker throughout my childhood and I get excited to hear that he still finds his inspiration through the feelings he got enjoying the Summit County outdoors.

Jack Dunlevie (vocals) and Summers Baker (guitar) are both from the Vail Valley Area. Wild Luallen (bass) is from Alamosa and Boulder and Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose (banjo and vocals) is from Colorado Springs.

Click here for Meadow Mountain’s Schedule!

Photo Credit: Meadow Mountain

El Paso Lasso

This 90’s-00’s alternative rock cover band strums some awesome hits that will for sure bring energy to any bar in Breckenridge! These guys are not born and raised in Summit County. However, Summit is the place where they developed as artists and have decided to reside because of the lovable and versatile music scene. Joe Zubia (main drummer and singer) and Paul Minjares (guitarist and main singer) were both born in El Paso, Texas. Joe moved to Breck in 2010, while Paul moved to Breck in 2013. They had both played music together in High School back in Texas, but when they both reconnected in Breckenridge they decided to join back together and fully create the band, El Paso Lasso! I have had an absolute ball at their performances around town! Joe told me, “this community is a big reason why we stayed for all these years. We have gotten so much support.” They will continue to bring the Summit County area great tunes and a happy atmosphere.

Click here for EPL’s Schedule!

Upcoming shows in Breckenridge for El Paso Lasso are April 12th at The Historic Brown and April 13th at Motherloaded Tavern!

Photo Credit: El Paso Lasso

The Stumbling Pines

This is one of our newer bands, playing and writing Folk Rock right here in Summit County and taking influence from great storytellers of old such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Bandmembers include Tina Ferguson (guitar, vocals), Nic Demler (guitar, vocals), Shane Henderson (keyboard), Jordan Ramos (drums), and Max Engleman (bass), all locals hailing from either Las Vegas, Wyoming, or New York).

Click here for The Stumbling Pine’s Schedule!

The Stumbling Pines will be playing RMU on June 8th!

Tina Ferguson and Nic Demlar of The Stumbling Pines
Photo Credit: The Stumbling Pines

Go out and support the local artists! I’ll enjoy sending it with you on the dance floor!

-Ellie Hartman

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